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Huge Special Offer – the Stunning Globe Video Effects Pack!

TemplateMonster today brings the special offer delivering the Globe Video Effects Pack – a set of 10 premium quality special video effects that depict glossy 3D models of the Globe. Now please note that for a limited time period this special offer is available at a 50% discount (that'd be $19 instead of the $38 full price offered at To take advantage of that huge discount you only have to purchase any product from TemplateMonster and you'll be offered the Globe Video Effects Pack on TemplateMonster checkout (you'll be able to pay that tiny price of $19 for that video effects pack while paying for the product you purchase from TemplateMonster).

The current Globe Video effects pack is as a matter of fact an extremely useful tool for web design purposes as well as for creating Flash intros, spectacular animations and backgrounds for TV news or worldwide sports events overviews. It may as well be fully applicable in multimedia presentations, website design, animation, media projects, or science. Being enclosed into real HD quality (HD 720p), these effects are musically illustrated to render the most exhaustive impact (but please note that the video is encoded with Quicktime JPEG codec). Just imagine how dramatically it could change the performance with innovative globe models perfectly implemented!

Alright, you get the point - now time for some action! Go ahead and browse TemplateMonster products, pick yours and enjoy the special offer for these lovely Globe Video Effects!

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