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SWiSH Max3 – Affordable Alternative to Flash

SWiSHmax3 is a trendy issue in today’s Flash-related talks, having become an advanced animations creation tool for the graphic artists and web professionals. In fact being a truly decent alternative to Flash, it provides everything you need to create a dynamic Flash animation and websites with ease (some even say it's easier than Flash itself).

SWiSH Max3 comes bundled with the options that let you make fantastic animations with your video, text, images, graphics or sound content. Here are some of the truly convenient features that make SWiSH Max3 so powerful (actually there is surely much more than the listing given):

  • AS2 class support;
  • Google Chrome support;
  • extended importing features supported;
  • 'Paste Special' feature offers a choice of import formats when transferring from other applications;
  • project templates – instant results using the wizard panel;
  • drawing tools – shape operations, knife tool, component tool;
  • improved motion path – editable Bezier Curves, convert a shape to path.

Without a doubt, with SWiSHmax3 you can create animated effects quickly and cost-effectively, but if in addition to it you have the awesome SWiSHmax3 Templates that will surely mean a much easier way for you. TemplateMonster offers professional and trendy SWiSHmax3-driven designs coming complete with a set of high-end quality features:

  • volume control;
  • smooth easy-to-edit text scrollers;
  • ability to download an image from a gallery (if allowed by the website owner);
  • fitting dynamic images when scaling and rotating;
  • image descriptions in some galleries, and some templates even have a counter of images in project folder.

Upcoming features:

  • fullscreen implementation;
  • validating the fields of contact form.

Additionally, SWiSH templates provided by TemplateMonster are known to have a simple, intuitive interface putting all the tools within easy reach. They import loads of text effects, have light-weight SWF files - and all of that for a far less cost comparing to the prices of Flash Templates. Besides, the SWiSH Max3 software is much cheaper than Flash.

With so many efficient benefits, there is no time to waste – browse the collection of SWiSHmax3 Templates to build stunning interactive animations with less costs and efforts!

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