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10 Free Android Applications for Web Designers and Developers

Time is precious and any mobile application is created to save your time. Though working as a web designer or a web developer requires a talent, huge efforts and great skills, there is still a huge sense in creating mobile applications for these people.

For example there are many freelancers among these professionals and you will agree that choosing color palette on your cell while meeting with the client outside the office will be very helpful and comfortable. Of course it is too early to state a fact that these apps will replace normal software but some important little things can be done with the help of this mobile software.

Android just as the iPhone has its own fans and the main target is to recruit those who haven't decided yet. So, the "application war" is only a part of this battle. It is hard to tell who has more efficient and universal applications but there is really no need to do that. All this rivalry is just a matter of taste and everyone has to decide what his choice will be. And our goal today is to present to you the Android-based software targeted to work for web designers and developers.

1. SilverEdit

With the help of this excellent software you can easily work with HTML, CSS, PHP and TXT documents from your phone. Just open, edit and save your documents on the go with the SilverEdit application.

* * *

2. Magic Color Picker

Magic Color Picker simplifies your color work and we know how important it is for any web designer. The main advantages of this software are multiple formats support - including HEX, RGB, HSV, YUV, and HS. Enhance your color editing skills with the help of this useful application for Android phones.

* * *

3. Flubble

Flubble will be interesting primarily for Flash developers because it's aim is creating shell classes or outlines while working in your flash applications. The file can be saved and emailed as an ActionScript file or in an XML format.

* * *

4. Freelancer EX12131

Great text excuse generator that will help you to stay lazy and get paid for it! Includes over 200 slick and funny excuses that will disarm your clients. Note: FREE for a limited time!

* * *

5. mobile

Well everything is simple here - all Photoshop functions are avaliable at your mobile phone. It means that you can rotate, blur, add photo effects etc.

* * *

6. HTML Editor

Handy and lightweight mobile solution that is a cornerstone of any web design activity - with this application you can start your project by creating HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS and JS documents.

* * *

7. Typography Junkies

It's an awesome social media application for web designers. Stay in touch with latest information about typography and font news on your Android Phone.

* * *

8. AndFTP

AndFTP is a FTP, FTPS and SFTP client. Device (local) and remote (FTP) file browsers. It has folders selection support for upload, download and delete; opens files (HTML, MP3, Text, Video, ...) on device; supports English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Korean languages.

* * *

9. ActionScript Reference

This application indexes the Adobe AS3 helpdocs for Flash and Flex developers. If you know what it's like to work with Flash and Flex you'll appreciate this application because it saves your time, your efforts and is always handy.

* * *

10. Color Palette

Colors are everywhere and web designers know how important it is to pick a right one. Color Palette will help you to do that right. This is an effective color adjusting tool for your mobile phone that supports RGB, HSB(HSV), HSL(HLS) color models.

* * *

That's it for now folks! Now consider your Andriod-powered phone really pimped for maximum design performance. After all, helping you is what it's all about.

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