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FlashMoto Templates – Myths Are Busted!

Recently TemplateMonster has made a public opinion survey among its loyal Flash audience – those were mainly customers who bought multiple Flash templates but - oddly enough - didn’t purchase any FlashMoto templates. That useful inquiry resulted in some interesting things we didn’t quite expect to come upon. That’s why now, with the current blog entry, we’ll try to make the things clear and debunk the myths about FlashMoto CMS as being horribly complex. That’s a sheer nonsense in fact!

Ok, here are things that to some extent bother our dearest customers:

Myth # 1: The product is rather complicated to use.

Supposedly, there are some fears that Flash developers and end users will not be able to sort things out and therefore they do not buy FlashMoto templates. That’s a common stereotype about all innovative products when owing to their novelty they seem to be complex in application. In fact, those customers to buy our FlashMoto CMS Templates assert that these products are incredibly easy to work with.

When I first noticed the Flash CMS Websites on Template Monster I thought "WOW that is for me". Before I purchased the template there was a simulated trial of the product provided and after having a solid play with the simulator I realized that editing a FlashMoto CMS Template wasn't going be too hard at all and I went about purchasing the template. I will add that I had absolutely minimal experience in web site editing. Having said that, when I downloaded the template and worked out how to upload it to my host (thanks to the Template Help Team at Flash CMS of whom are fantastic), it was nothing but a breeze from then on. I changed the template quite a few times. Initially I just edited and added a few things and then I realized how much more I could do. The CMS Template is almost limitless as to what you can do and for beginners, you will find it extremely easy to pick up the ease of using the template control panel. My website is due for a bit of an update at the keep an eye on this space for the next change that I make to my FlashMoto CMS Template.

Christine G. Waterer, owner of

Myth #2: the price for FlashMoto Templates is way too high.

The price is fair enough since Flash developers may save their precious time on installation and customization after they obtain this product. If, for example, the end users buy this product there will be no need to hire a professional web master or Flash expert or pay for expensive Flash software. In case of an ordinary Flash template either of these options is required.

I've already bought three or four Flash CMS template, and I think they are cool, the price is good because if I compare my work after purchase a regular flash (about $70) I have a lot of work to do, edit and personalize, instead with Flash CMS (price is 3 time regular CMS) but my edit time is reduced about an half. So I think Flash CMS is really a good solution.

Marco Colombo owner of

Myth #3. There’s nothing special about FlashMoto CMS as a technology.

Some of our customers just don’t see what’s so special about FlashMoto CMS. Either this or the customer didn’t hear of FlashMoto Templates at all. Our Flash CMS templates are designed for being used with an advanced FlashMoto CMS and are equipped with a convenient WYSIWYG editor, video and image gallery components, Rich media library, video and MP3 player components, info module component, all necessary SEO tools, and other built-in components. Isn’t that special? Come on people, this is the only CMS product out there that’s basically a complete media-rich, interactive Flash website with a convenient control panel. FlashMoto Templates have proven to be top-quality premium designs on the market today.

As a design company specializing in occupational health and safety training and development, the need to have a stunning visuals are a prerequisite, no matter if it is an e-learning course or your website. With the FlashMoto CMS I created a fantastic flash based website in less than a week. I travel around the world on a project basis, and the ability to upload and update content on the fly, no matter where I am, significantly streamlined the way my company's information is presented on the web. I never had the learn a single line of code, nor complete painstaking tutorials made the development process a breeze. Four words spring to mind when I think of FlashMoto CMS - robust, eye-catching, effortless, fast.

Nicholis Jeanne Muller owner of

So this is the truth about the FlashMoto CMS - the truth that our customers have experienced themselves. From now on please remember those simple facts - especially next time you'll be considering purchasing the awesome FlashMoto templates we provide.

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