Free WordPress 3.0 Theme for StarCraft II: Enter the Fascinating World!

The new post in this category signifies the new template– Free WordPress 3.0 Theme for StarCraft II – that is presented as our tribute to the launch of the widely popular StarCraft II. This template provides a striking layout that features the most vivid characteristics of the game such as you would hope to receive for such kind of a site.

You can start StarCraft fansite and make a strong and prominent step to the world of StarCraft and all its fans. While creating a website with this template you’ll be able to cover most of the StarCraft II topics that would be considered central and you’ll get a nice place to talk about your favorite game and follow its latest news. We hope that our interest in this game and yours coincide and this theme will become of a great use for you.

We are delighted to present this new Free WordPress 3.0 Theme for StarCraft II! Note that there are 3 variants of header in this theme, so you can you can switch them from the WordPress 3.0 admin when it is needed.

Free WordPress 3.0 Theme

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