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One-Day Lottery – Get a Free eCommerce Template!

Ok, we know we didn't announce this earlier, but we really wanted it to be a surprise for you all. Today we're having this little lottery for our blog audience, one lucky person will be granted a freebie from TemplateMonster. And since these are the days of a forthcoming Fall 2010 online sales boom the lottery is all about that. In other words with today's lottery any person can enter a chance to win any eCommerce template from us for free. Here's how you can do it.

The terms are really simple. All you have to do is leave a comment to this post telling us several important things, they are:

  • Your email address in a special “Email” field (make sure it's a right email address, in case you're the winner that's the address we'll be attempting to contact you at)
  • ID of a template you want to receive in a comment body (make sure that's an eCommerce template, no other template types are allowed for this lottery)
  • Info about what kind of a project you'll be using the template for (let us know whether it's going to be a project for your client or your own online store, as well as what kind of online store that would be).

Another important term is time - only comments made today, on September 16th 2010 until 11:59 PM EST are allowed for taking part in a lottery. First thing tomorrow morning we'll randomly choose one winner and announce his/her name from our blog and on our social network accounts (you should follow us on Twitter and be a fan of our page on Facebook to be able to learn this info from there). And of course we'll contact the winner with the info on how he/she should receive the freebie.

Well, that's about it, no more terms. Now go ahead pick the eCommerce template you like and start posting those comments! Good luck!

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