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40% Discount on Flash Photo Galleries – 10-Day Promo at TemplateMonster

Have you noticed how often the new discount promos started to appear at TemplateMonster? Well, even if you haven't, we're pretty sure you will notice it within the next weeks. The newest promo we have for you is a huge 40% discount on Flash Photo gallery templates. For those of you that for some reason don't know what this product is about - it's our in-house development oriented at photographers and artists, feel free to see an awesome video presentation of this product.

The idea behind Flash photo galleries is to enable them to launch their galleries and portfolios online and do that in a very spectacular way.

As a matter of fact, launching Flash photo galleries back in 2007 was our first attempt of having a Flash CMS product available on our website. Then luckily the FlashMoto templates arrived in 2009 and they've become a versatile Flash CMS solution suitable for any kind of website, not only a gallery. But even so Flash photo galleries remain popular among our photographer audience being a premium niche product.

With Flash photo galleries site owners have a bunch of neat tools that are absolutely essential for running a successful online gallery. Such as for example adding comments to the images and setting preview details (width, height, spacing etc.) and managing the images online (crop tool, flip, rotate and resize). Nice, isn't it?

Well, alright now, go ahead and browse those Flash photo gallery templates. But make it quick, the discount will only last during 10 days and will expire on September 30th 2010.

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