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FlashMoto Rebranding. New Name – Good Old CMS!

Great changes are coming forth in FlashMoto, as the company changes its brand identity, name and logo. The website has also been fully redesigned.

FlashMoto rebranding involves not just changing a name, logo and redesign, but also overhauling company’s goals, message and culture. So now, on MotoCMS website you may find a lot of new information aimed mainly at Flash developers, design studios and freelancers, who are looking for a perfect solution for creating a professional, easily editable and SEO friendly Flash website. Moto CMS Team also took care of non-technical users, providing them with an amazing collection of creative quality Flash CMS templates designed especially for this Flash CMS.

The company’s main intension for the change was that the term ‘Flash’ is a registered trademark of Adobe. And in order not to violate the law, the new name amends the use of the word Flash and opens good future prospects for the company. Demetrio Fortman, MotoCMS CEO, says: “FlashMoto isn’t afraid of these changes. This process occurred intentionally, and we are ready for it. We realize some members may have concerns about this decision, and to be honest I know I am always going to feel a little wistful about our old name.”

The new website design preserves the main concept and is presented by a multicolored scheme. The website logo has also been slightly modified.

During the two busy years of the project development, Moto CMS managed to create a real commotion in the world of Flash technology, presenting the software of new generation. But does anyone remember how everything started?.. was founded by Demetrio Fortman, a Flash developer and web professional, in 2008 as a Flash blog where different Flash news, reviews, tutorials and showcases were posted. Here is how the website looked like in the mists of its past:

The project was growing by leaps and bounds, gaining more power. The team was increasing with each new month. And with the Beta product release, the question of website redesign became essential at once. The year 2009 was very fruitful for the company and was marked by the following events: open beta release, website redesign, the release of the standalone version of Flash CMS and Flash CMS templates. Here is the website design in 2009 (it should be familiar to most of you):

The year 2010 is also full of interesting events for Moto CMS Company and their customers. Among the really cool things they announced were the launch of Flash video gallery component and Flash CMS templates with Flip Book effect. But that’s not all. Now MotoCMS is glad to present a new, improved and user-friendly, website design. A lot of new sections and info blocks have been added.

Moreover, recently presented a major release – Moto Flash CMS v.1.3 with an advanced Image Editor, improved Media Library and enhanced mobile version. The built-in Image Editor allows users to edit images directly in the control panel. Users may perform either basic editing actions (resizing, rotation, mirroring, crop etc.) or some professional image operations (brightness, saturation, colorization, RGB editing etc.). To get more detailed information please read the release notes.

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