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10% Discount on All Flash CMS Templates!

You may have heard that our good friends formerly known as FlashMoto CMS have changed their name into Moto CMS. It was a required action from them in order not to violate copyright law (Flash is a registered trademark of Adobe) and right now we’re all getting used to a new name and identity of this company.

In order to make this transition process easier (and to demonstrate once again that it’s still the same old premium Flash CMS) we and the guys from Moto CMS are now launching a 10% discount on all of our Flash CMS templates. During the period of over a year of Flash CMS templates presence at TemplateMonster we’ve produced 50+ templates of this type so you definitely have enough variety to choose from.

During the next 7 days starting today you’ll be able to get any of those Flash CMS templates at a price 10% lower than usually (in other words you save around $25 on each purchase). But make sure you get one of these templates on time because the discount will only last until Monday, October 18th 2010. Take care!

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