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Flash Industry Survey 2010 – Results Announced

Not so long ago TemplateMonster along with a number of media partners jointly conducted a Flash Industry Survey to gain feedback from our target audience.

The Flash Industry Survey used a set of crucial statements and gave more than 10,000 survey participants the choice to answer each statement according to their personal experience respecting Flash technology and its use. The respondents were asked for their professional opinions for us to determine the potential future of Flash development.

flash survey

Now, the results from that survey are complete. We’d like to thank those people who took part in the survey and have expressed their priceless opinions. The data collected are critical to the future of Flash technology and all the findings will be used to strengthen the workforce efficiency in this area.

For more information about the results and all the crucial stats and figures of the recently completed research, visit Flash Survey Results info page. Be sure to share this valuable info with your friends and sound off your feedback in the comments.