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Christmas Backgrounds Pack – at Half Price for TemplateMonster Customers

Alright, the time has come to unveil our next awesome Christmas goodie - today it’s going to be a brand new Christmas motion backgrounds pack that has been just added to VideoSmash and that is already available to TemplateMonster customers at half price (which is a price as low as $25 instead of a $50 full price at VideoSmash). The terms are pretty much the same with every other offer from VideoSmash you might have seen in the past - you have to purchase any product at TemplateMonster and while you will be doing that, the VideoSmash offer will be displayed in your shopping cart.

If you press the “Add to order” button next to this offer there, the pack will be added to our shopping cart and you’ll be able to pay for it and the template you were initially buying in one transaction. Simple as that!

Now go ahead and take a look at the backgrounds we’re offering:

The pack features 20 Christmas video backgrounds, and every single Christmas video background from this pack comes with fascinating musical accompaniment. Christmas video effects are available in real HD quality (720p) with a framerate 29.27 fps, and all of the video effects from Christmas Animated Backgrounds Pack were created using the QuickTime JPEG Codec. So the product is worth it as you can see - now go ahead and browse our products to take advantage of this offer!