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TemplateMonster Announces Microsoft Razor Templates Launch

We’re here today to announce that TemplateMonster launches brand new Razor Templates which will utilize a new Razor syntax for ASP.NET web pages, FTP publishing, search optimization, website and server management of Microsoft WebMatrix to streamline website development and let users easily create and publish website content.

Basically, WebMatrix is free Web development software recently released by Microsoft. It installs and brings together a development web server (IIS Express), a web framework (ASP.NET), and an embedded database (SQL Server Compact). Web Matrix also introduces a new language syntax called Razor which works only with inline code, snippets, and markup. This lightweight ASP.NET view engine is aimed at rapid website development. Among other highly convenient features, Microsoft WebMatrix presents the following capabilities:

  • WebMatrix streamlines web development and makes it easy to set-up websites from popular free open-source web applications;
  • it allows one click installation of various CMS systems, including but not limited to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal;
  • with WebMatrix the customers can edit and manage their entire website's content from a single, user-friendly interface;
  • current Microsoft tool makes it easy to create data bound pages without writing a single line of code to let web developers perform one-shot editing to all shared elements;
  • in addition, WebMatrix comes with many Razor helpers that allow social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter), video embedding, and among other things one-click deployment to a selected number of site hosting companies and PayPal procession.

By supporting this friendly and fully self-contained WebMatrix environment, Razor Templates will provide users of WebMatrix with all this enhanced functionality to significantly streamline web development and make it an easy transition. In addition, they are coded with a new Razor syntax of WebMatrix that works with any text editor and allows a new simplified way to create ASP.NET web pages by quoting code inline within HTML. Now you may feel free to check out the range of these innovative Razor Templates currently available for our customers.

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