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PrestaShop 1.4 – New Version’s Features

The eCommerce nugget created by French web developers has unleashed its latest version indexed 1.4. The long-awaited release has brought us many useful features and options that from now will be available to all PrestaShop fans. If you are not familiar with this excellent software you might be interested in reading the post that's we've published some months ago called "A Deeper Look Into PrestaShop Shopping Cart" where you can find more precise information about what this eCommerce software basically is, its major features, advantages, as well as a short comparison with other popular eCommerce software.

Also, we've added some most beautiful design solutions implemented for PrestaShop.

But today let's take a closer look at this long-anticipated PrestaShop version 1.4. In general this release contains over 65 new features, according to the official sources. Along with a bunch of new modules you can enjoy some extremely efficient and well-timed features that are actually new (not just the updated old ones). We've tried to separate the options and improvements that are important for our audience from the web design point of view, and also have featured some fundamental functional changes to our list.

Web Design Features of PrestaShop 1.4

  • live edit - you can edit your store's design theme directly via Front-Office using "drag'n'drop" technology. This is very comfortable and user-friendly, it illustrates the customization process and simplifies the UI in general. Definitely a very good feature.
  • fancybox - there is a new method has been used for the visualization window of product photos. The old ThickBox is replaced by FancyBox solution making this procedure more sophisticated.
  • product page previews - you can use the opportunity to preview the CMS pages (product page) before actually posting them online and of course while editing them directly via Front-Office.
  • three logos - interesting and useful feature that allows you to set different logos for your store's emails, Front-Office and invoices.
  • Back-Office themes - two new themes are added now so, you can enjoy new style of your Back-Office.

PrestaShop 1.4 Performance

  • osCommerce import - now this is really a tough feature, it allows to basically take your osCommerce-powered store and import it into PrestaShop including the catalog, clients, orders, categories and so on.
  • faceted navigation - even though this feature is only in beta, it is very a important and helpful option allowing users to search for a product by a certain criteria (price, popularity, etc.).
  • URLs overhaul - helps to avoid duplicate content and optimizes your store pages for major search engines.
  • URL's language recognition - new option allows web developers to create and add child objects to the PrestaShop core, improving various language recognition.
  • new default languages - more default languages have been added including German and Italian, Spanish and French.

Also you'll find more 15 new partner modules available for the PrestaShop 1.4 and we are sure that you'll find many of these really helpful for your clients (PayPal and MoneyBookers are the most asked-for). To cut a long story short - it looks like the PrestaShop team is taking a right direction with these changes. Because - come on, you don't often see an update for some other eCommerce engine that will include so many new awesome features - including importing the stores from the world's most popular eCommerce platform. We are definitely observing a new eCommerce star rising higher and higher, and this very release proves us that folks from PrestaShop do know how to make their product more usable and powerful. So, we really hope there are new interesting features cooking on this PrestaShop kitchen that will also be unveiled sometime in the nearest future, and while we're waiting for more great news from the their camp we do have something cool to play with right now - that is PrestaShop 1.4.

Update from TemplateMonster production team: As of today, March 25th, there are several new PrestaShop 1.4 templates in production. They will be available sometime in early April 2011.