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Flash Players Development – Mighty Trio from Adobe

Adobe Flash player has become a constant major player of the modern web sphere long time ago. Excellent performances, absence of worthy rivals and of course fair use are the main reasons that have brought Adobe’s product to the top of the web world.

Today web audience is used to viewing the various types of media content (videos, animations, games etc.) with the help of flash player. This set of functions was and still remains a main goal of this software, though several months ago Adobe has released a number of interesting projects that will change the web and will impart flash player with new and interesting functions. So far these releases are interesting for web developers but it doesn’t mean that simple web users can’t try them out and gain their own experience with new projects. Adobe offers three player versions including Flash Player 10.3 Beta, Flash Player "Square" Preview release and Flash Player 11 “Molehill”.

Flash Player 10.3 Beta

You can test the Beta version of Flash player 10.3 and share your opinion concerning the new features that were implemented in this release. Among these new options, the developers mark out the following ones:

  • Integration with browser privacy controls – users can clear Flash player’s local storage from the browser’s interface (it’s similar to how we clear cookies). This feature is supported by Firefox 4, IE8 (and later), plus future releases of Safari and Chrome.
  • Media measurement – the measuring system has been improved and now the analytics code is only two lines long so you can easily implement analytics for the video content. This new feature opens great opportunities for both big companies and simple web users that can receive full information about how the media content has been viewed.
  • Native Control Panel – control Flash Players’ privacy, security and storage settings via the Control Panel or System Preferences. It is fully supported on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation – now developers bring all advantages of such online collaborations as voice chats, telephony, group conversations applications and other. As the result, the regular users will have the opportunity to enjoy the audio stream of a higher quality.

Flash Player "Square"

According to the Adobe’s statement, Flash player “Square” preview is released in order for the users to be able to test this version and see its compatibility and stability on existing platforms. The main feature of this version is 64-bit support on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. If you are going to install this version on your computer please note that you have update it manually because Adobe doesn’t provide automatic update support for the “Square” player.

Flash Player 11 “Molehill”

If you want to play with this version of Adobe Flash Player you have to install Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator – a preview software for Adobe Flash runtimes. “Molehill” is a 3D API engine for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. “Molehill” will be available for the developers trough the popular 3D frameworks - CopperCube, Alternativa3D, Sophie3D, Away3d, Flare3D, Minko or Yogurt3D. So, Flash Player 11 is great tool that will bring advanced 3D experiences through the Adobe Flash runtimes. This great software has such great features as cube-texturing, z-buffering, fragment and vertex shaders etc. So, now end users will have an opportunity to enjoy a more sophisticated 3D performance trough their browsers. Also Flash Player 11 is not CPU-hog because its CPU usage is around 1-3%, if that's true and if that will remain in main releases this will definitely be a big time success for Adobe. This player’s version is oriented at the gaming world and it would have huge success in the nearest future because so far there are no technologies that could beat Flash in the online gaming industry.

Another Revolution from Adobe?

Adobe has brought many wonderful products during the years of its existence, but Flash Player was the one that have conquered the web and gave this company a right to be called a monopolist in the world of the web video. After analyzing these three products we have featured above, we assume that Adobe is preparing something really great and we suppose that a logical result of all these three experiments will be the release of one mighty ultimate Adobe Flash player X that would unite all best and new features from the “Molehill”, “Square” and Flash Player 10.3 Beta. Of course there are many possible variants of how Adobe is planning to finish their work and we would like to know your opinion concerning these projects and their possible future, so please feel free to share your thoughts with us and we'll be happy to discuss this.