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Free Website Template in Clean Style for Family Center

And now, some great news for you, our dear readers: today is the launch of the second theme of this month - free family center template in clean design. As you remember, all August freebies are marked with clean style – their main characteristic feature, and this theme is one more example of its professional implementation.

Unlike the average designs that are overloaded with some catchy and bright elements, this one offers your customers the clear vision of the main idea of your project. It helps to communicate this idea in clear and effective way that is understandable and memorable for each visitor. As usual, there is a jQuery Slider integrated in the header of this free website template – one more opportunity to address to your customers through the visual images. This is a good choice for any kind of project that deals with family center. But wait, you have seen nothing yet. Feel free to check out live demo of the template. Here is the screenshot of the theme we are talking about.

Free Website Template for Family Center:

Download with PSD Download without PSD