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Moto CMS Updated to ver. 1.6 – Check Out the New Features

For those of you who know our good friends and partners from MotoCMS, here is a good news: last Friday, November 11, 2011 Moto Flash CMS has been updated to version 1.6. This major release includes a bunch of new features (as well as the significant improvements to the existing ones) which were implemented to make your website development process better and easier.

Of course all of the Flash CMS templates and Facebook Flash CMS templates that were previously available on TemplateMonster will also include the latest version of Moto CMS.

So what are the updates about? Basically, from now on it will be much easier to maintain fully-functional websites based on MotoCMS. Here are several of the most important features which come with the update.

1. Create password protected pages/popups

An ability to protect pages and popups with a password has been added as a response to numerous customers' requests. Now it's finally here. It's a good way to diverse your content for different groups of customers.

Protect Flash pages and popups with a password

Password protected pages and popups will still be visible on your website menu but only vip visitors will be able to view their content.

Also there are some changes made to the 'Preferences' window. Due to the new options and design improvements, it becomes easier to adjust website settings and activate password protection to website pages and popups.

2. Contact Form widget improved

Within this update the 'Advanced Contact Form' widget has become even more advanced then before. Radio button and text area items will add the real communication experience to your website. It is the next step to more convenient and efficient communication between website owners and potential customers.

Advanced Contact Form widget

3. Search widget added

This useful widget makes it possible to search for texts through Moto Flash CMS websites. This new widget contains 2 parts: 'Search Field' and 'Search Results List' which should be placed separately but connected within the 'Search Results Location' field. It is also possible to display search results area on a website page that suits you best.

Search widget from MotoCMS

4. Buy Now button added

This new widget makes it possible to arrange an online store within your Flash CMS template. The 'Buy Now' button will be especially good for those who're going to sell several (not too many) things from their websites.

Buy Now button in Moto Flash CMS templates

This widget also offers several payment methods:

  • PayPal;
  • Google Checkout;
  • Robox;
  • Using Email.

5. Background widget created

This new widget gives you wider opportunities in decorating website backgrounds with images. You can set almost any image as a background regardlessly of its size.

Background widget from MotoCMS

The control panel allows you to choose one of 7 available scaling modes:

  • fit;
  • fit width;
  • fit height;
  • crop;
  • resize;
  • no scale;
  • pattern.

Every background image can be placed on the lowest page/popup layer or cover some areas of the website.

6. Picasa, Flickr and Facebook content integration

From now on users can integrate graphic content from popular online services (Picasa, Flickr and Facebook) into the control panel directly. In the 'Media Library' there are 'Picasa', 'Flickr' and 'Facebook' connection buttons added. Using them it is possible to connect to your social network accounts and upload pictures from there.

Picasa, Flickr and Facebook content integration

This process takes some time, so this feature enables to upload only photos and images, not videos.

7. Video capabilities extended

You can add Vimeo videos to the website within the 'HTML' widget. There is a proper HTML template with an instruction to execute.

Add Vimeo videos to Flash CMS website

There is also an opportunity to paste YouTube videos to any website pages within the left control panel toolbar. Quick and easy files placing is possible without having to build complex video galleries.

YouTube videos integration

We hope these improvements will make your online activity more convenient, no matter which kind of businesses you provide.

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In addition, we want to congratulate MotoCMS team on this awesome feature-rich update, we are sure the audience will appreciate it.

Also we would all be thankful for your feedback on the update. For developers it's always important to know customers' impression, so please share and comments or concerns you have about this update.