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Intrude on the PRO Territory! TemplateMonster Launches PRO Website Templates

After several months of non-stop work, TemplateMonster team is extremely excited to be releasing the line-up of new PRO Website Templates with an integrated PRO Framework. And we really think it could change the way our customers build websites, forever. Because those who need their own professional website will now be able to create and modify web pages much faster and with an absolute code control.

How You Can Get the PRO Template Version?

The new PRO Template Version will be available as an additional offer within several template prices on the product page of a particular template. Plus in the shopping cart customers will be allowed to add the PRO Version offer to their order paying extra sum of money. The cost for the PRO Pack will be just $15 allowing users to create and modify PRO websites with full confidence. Overall, the PRO Website Template price will be about $84 – this price includes a template price (regular – approximately $69) plus the cost of PRO Version of the website template ($15).

This is a must-have solution for those who want to build a professional website and modify it in couple of hours. How you can achieve this – just three easy steps:

  • 1. Order the PRO Template Version.
  • 2. Choose from the provided building blocks.
  • 3. Take joy in fast website development.

Giving All the PRO Templates Particulars

The PRO Pack includes more than 50 new options. But how it can get you through the simplified website template design and modification phase? The point is that now you can easily add and edit website content within the navigation panel which includes different functionalities and all necessary descriptions with human-friendly code that you can use to have such functionality on your website.

Choose the functionality and pick the provided code script to enable it. The website can be as complex or as simple as you like. You just don't need to use more resources than absolutely necessary. And all that is necessary is right there in this innovative PRO framework that is being developed for your maximum efficiency and comfort. With the launching of the PRO Templates users can take their websites much further:

  • they can automatically generate page layouts;
  • integrate ready-made website pages;
  • easily configure typography styles;
  • quickly change and install new website sections like sliders, portfolios and image galleries;
  • add CSS3 tricks and features;
  • deploy social and font icons;
  • use functional plugins, interactive elements and so much more with an absolute code control.

That is your web design development toolkit in a box and you can order the PRO Version of the website template paying just $15 as an additional cost. Our main intent was to focus you on fast and professional website development, not rambling for the right code. Now let us introduce you the range of main options you get with every PRO Website Template. Read them to find out how PRO Template Version could benefit your website.

PRO Framework

Development takes much longer than design. To simplify both processes for you, our developers created the PRO Pack and integrated the PRO Framework into the design of our website templates. With the PRO Framework we moved slightly beyond code because this is a simple HTML5 & CSS3 based platform that consolidates different functionalities and code script options that will enable rapid website development. Right in the PRO Framework navigation panel users will be able to see the provided building blocks and choose from the available options – all that with the flexibility of human-friendly code and clear documentation on how to do this and that.

* * *


We developed the PRO Website Template in accordance with the latest web design standards and using the mighty technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. The PRO Website Templates will work in all popular browsers and there won’t be any compatibility issues with them. Every single PRO website design has been made more accessible and future proof. As long as your website looks and works properly in the viewers’ favorite browsers, that will be all that matters.

* * *

Bonus Scripts & Pages

Our PRO Template Pack includes a bonus of a three website pages which are under construction page, intro page and unique 404 page that is designed specifically for each particular PRO Website Template. So very little work on your end is required to get up and running with your new website pages and sections. As every single PRO Template also offers valuable additional scripts with several options for each script.

* * *

Free Quality Stock Photos

Ordering the PRO Template Version means that apart from the photos customers usually get with a regular website template, you will be able to receive an additional pack of 8 high quality stock photos in different resolutions for the different monitor sizes. These images will be closely related to the template’s category.

* * *

Well Documented

Lots of work has been done on the documentation for the PRO Website Templates. Modifying website code is complex for some, but could be so easy and fast to do if you had the documentation. Since we are intimately familiar with the unique challenges website coding can cause, our developer made their best to provide clear documentation and accompany it with a lean, human-friendly code.

* * *

And So Much More...

We think this would be a big deal to constantly improve our PRO Website Templates. There are still heaps of really great features this product offers and there is even more to come. You are more than welcome to get the feel for the thing and discover them.

  • Check out the PRO Template presentation page to see video showing the main features of the PRO Website Template, screencast on how to add the new page to the PRO Template and how to edit PRO Template;
  • plus, you can go and download the free sample of our brand new PRO Website Template to see how effective it is and test your skills working with this product. Then you can come back and browse PRO Website Templates collection to choose the template you will further use for your website.

* * *

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* * *

Our developers take care about the performance of your websites. The PRO Template will leave you with no other conclusion that website template enhanced with PRO Pack capabilities – together it is a heady combination. Professional design meets a whole lot of provided building blocks and modification options, and you couldn't get enough of both.

If you want to invest less time, modify less still build more professional websites, you would choose the new PRO Template Version. This solution negates the activity related to coding complex stuff so you can concentrate on website design. Intrude on the PRO territory – even if you’re less skilled you can become a pro developer!