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Free Website Template with JustSlider, jCarousel and FancyBox

Great day, isn’t it? We are glad to invite you to the place of creative ideas where you can always get the desired inspiration. To make you interested in the upcoming day, we are glad to present you this elegant and mind-bending Free Website Template with JustSlider, jCarousel and FancyBox. Hope, you will like it as we do.

The concept of its design is simple, but undoubtedly effective. In case you want to share your photo art with the people around, this theme will support your intentions and help bring your creativity to the audience in the best possible way. To maximize the visual appeal, this theme contains JustSlider in the header to display your photos and jCarousel below to place the featured photos from your gallery. All the page elements stand out nicely against the dark background, thus making the theme stylish. The gallery section allows you to display your images lightboxes that floats overtop of page (due to FancyBox tool) and thus increase the interest of the viewers to your works. To see all the opportunities of this theme, check out the live demo.

Free Website Template with JustSlider, jCarousel and FancyBox:

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