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Mobility is Lifestyle… Is Your Website Ready?

The world of Internet access has expanded dramatically with smartphones and tablets for the last months. The times of the barest need a “traditional” PC are behind us, and the Internet has penetrated into each part of our lives along with the need of making decisions on the move. People want to stay online every minute and use mobile devices for that more and more.

A little bit of statistics…

According to JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report, here is what people think about purchasing a tablet:

Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillet believes that tablets will become the most users’ primary computer device by 2016, when 375 million tablets sold will go to business users. Compared to 2011, the total tablet sales were about 56 million.

With that said, it’s obvious that more and more people are looking for products and services online with their mobile devices. If you own a website, but it’s without mobile version, ask yourself: “What will mobile users see on their tablets and smartphones: a fully functional website or the one that needs to be hardly scrolled horizontally and vertically, taking 60 or more seconds to load and looking jumbled and confused as they are squashed onto smaller screens?” If the answer is not in your website’s favor, maybe it’s time to create a mobile version or even think about a new functional design with mobile version.

Do we have a solution for you? Yes, of course!

Our friends from have recently made a really cool thing by embedding an advanced Mobile Editor in Moto CMS. Now it’s become possible for the existing users to build mobile-friendly versions of their Moto CMS based websites. As for new users, they now have an opportunity to build a mobile-friendly website really easy, without getting into coding.

It is really convenient, because you don’t need to think about coding. MotoCMS Mobile Editor allows you to edit your mobile website right in your browser and see everything you are producing at once. Moto CMS is the system with mostly intuitive navigation; even if you have no programming knowledge and your computer skills are basic, you will easily be able to create and then edit a website with mobile version alone, without a professional’s help.

The new Mobile Editor’s control panel has a default stretchable HTML template, which is 620px wide and contains one page and one pop-up. Each of the template’s elements can be modified to the owner’s liking.

The new Mobile control panel contains a bunch of handy widgets for easy website creation: Contact Form, Gallery Widget, HTML Widget, Rich Content Widget and Google Maps Widget.

A new option “Style” is available within the new control panel. You can set the options for any object of your mobile website: choose color or an image for the background and the stroke settings.

A special thrill of MotoCMS based websites is the combination of main and mobile versions along with easy editing via the control panel. Very few content management systems can boast such a bunch of options and high functionality. You are welcome to take a look at our collection of MotoCMS Flash Templates.

Every day thousands of people are releasing mobile versions for their websites and observing greatly increased levels of traffic. Ignoring the fact that optimizing your website for mobile devices is important means being left behind by the competition. Perhaps, it sounds like a daunting task to create a mobile-friendly version for your website, but with a good builder it may turn into an exciting experience.

Think about it… As mobile devices and tablets continue to win the world, and the mobile workforce increases, a mobile website is going to become a vital feature for many companies.