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TemplateMonster’s WordPress Themes: New Features Rundown

As you may have noticed our product line gets richer and richer. We can boast our great collection of WordPress themes. This is not a secret to be silent about, but WordPress themes are just insanely popular among website owners and among our clients also.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in our products and services. We are proud that thousands of companies, small and major, successfully use our themes for their online businesses.

Up till now we’ve implemented great amount of improvement into WordPress templates. Most of them are tiny fixes but still there is a number of features implemented into WordPress themes that need to be spoken about. Also there are several Coming Soon advancements that will be fulfilled in the nearest future.

WordPress Theme Localization

You’ve probably heard about the theme localization when you need to set a language in the theme that it lacks. But how can we make any WordPress theme multilingual especially without any changes in coding? It's as easy as a pie when working with multi-language plugins. They automatically adjust to the language set on the blog/website. This makes websites very convenient for users that are not good at the basic language set in the theme.

Initially there are two basic ways of localization:

The wrong way:

You can look for the text in the theme, the one you need for translation, copy it out and translate into the target language, but it takes much time and it’s purely inconvenient.

The right and the easiest way:

The whole text content of the theme is taken out via specific function and then replaced in the language file. To translate the theme we need to do some easy to follow steps:

  • Set up the localization engine (this can be done in the wp-config.php the language should be set to define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR'););
  • Setup the PoEdit application;
  • Switch file names en_US.po and (for example the French localization name will be fr_FR);
  • Open the file fr_FR.po
  • This file contains original values msgid and translation msgstr (by now the field msgstr will be empty) here you need to add corresponding translation for each line;
  • Save the file and you are done;

Once these steps are done, the same page can be displayed in different languages. All WordPress templates starting from #37663 are multilingual.

Kwicks jQuery Slider Plugin

From now on you can find WordPress templates that use Kwicks jQuery slider plugin.

Kwicks for jQuery is one of Limpids built-in slider tools. You can upload images for this via a custom post type and configure Kwicks’ parameters in the admin panel without writing one line of code.

By setting a ‘Maximum images per slider’ value you can easily update the slider images by just uploading them as a slider post type. If e.g. set to ’7′ the Kwicks slider will show up the latest 7 images. No need to change the status of your old slider posts or delete them.

Business CMS & Blog Template

Here are some key features of the "Kwicks":

  • Horizontal and Vertical Modes;
  • Min vs. Max, specify the width/height of all non-active kwicks instead;
  • Sticky Mode - when enabled, one kwick will always be open, this allows for more of an "accordion" type experience;
  • Custom Trigger Events - specify a trigger event for the opening & closing animation;
  • Get or set the active kwick, or collapse all kwicks;
  • Event hooks & callbacks allow extension of the plugin.

Responsive WordPress Templates

Recently TemplateMonster launched Responsive WordPress Themes that adjust to different types of screen resolutions. These themes include several primary layouts: for desktop, tablet, smartphone landscape and portrait modes. Responsive design simply takes away the need for mobile versions of your site, and with the use of standards they work in they will make your site future-proof for new types and sizes of devices. Every day we are going to provide you with a new portion of themes, so choose the one to your liking from our collection of WordPress Responsive Templates.

As every other responsive website templates available on our website, the new Responsive WordPress Templates include several layouts optimized for various screen resolutions. Here go four primary ones:

  • desktop layout (980px);
  • tablet layout (768px);
  • smartphone layout – landscape (480px);
  • smartphone layout – portrait (320px).

To view the WordPress design in action, you can resize your browser window and you will see how content blocks adjust to various width options. Then you can go and browse Responsive WordPress Templates gallery, choose your favorite one and use it to create your fully-responsive website.

Sport CMS & Blog Templates

Animated WordPress Themes

We’ve launched an all-new Animated WordPress Theme with some cool interactive options within it. The template is supported with live action that adds vivacity and makes the whole content presentation more stunning. This particular design is enhanced with animated accordion menu and thus will give your website an impressive look. Time prompts you to get progressive - with WordPress Animated Theme you will step away from conventional WordPress websites that flooded the web!

Business CMS & Blog Templates


Post Formats in WordPress

Soon each WordPress template will be featured with a functionality that allows to pick the Post Format. Post Formats is a theme option introduced with Version 3.1. A Post Format is a piece of meta information that can be used by a theme to customize its presentation of a post. The Post Formats feature provides a standardized list of formats that are available to all themes that support the feature. Themes are not required to support every format on the list.

  • Standard – standard format;
  • Aside – a post-note;
  • Link – post a link to an external resource;
  • Quote – post-quote;
  • Image – a picture post;
  • Gallery – gallery of post;
  • Video – video post;
  • Audio – audio post.

1140 grid in WordPress

Having such a great amount of devices with a wide range of screen options (from mobile phone up to 2560px by 1600px) you have to look for additional design tools. Additionally to the 960gs grid and skeleton, there are many different options how you can organize design elements. For example, the 1140 grid soon will be implemented into Responsive WordPress themes. The 1140 grid fits perfectly into a 1280px monitor. On smaller screens it becomes fluid and adapts to the width of the browser. Beyond a certain point it uses media queries to serve up a mobile version, which essentially stacks all the columns on top of each other so the flow of information still makes sense.

Theme options panel redesign

After an older version of Options Framework 0.6 (the framework for theme configuration) comes an updated version 1.0. A whole bunch of small fixes will be added making the theme options fully compatible with the design of WordPress 3.2 admin panel (and higher). An improved design of this framework will be soon implemented into WordPress CMS. Keep waiting for these awesome tweaks.


Most of other changes were mostly “under the hood” things done to clean up the code and make sure everything runs smoothly. All these changes are just another bricks in the wall, awesome templates are coming stay in touch.

If you have any questions concerning our WordPress products – we would like to receive your feedback in the comments section.

Also you may find useful responsive web design interactive infographic where all valuable information about RWD is gathered.