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MotoCMS HTML Keeps Getting Better: Version 1.1 is Out

After MotoCMS introduced its new revolutionary product MotoCMS HTML5 templates on TemplateMonster, the CMS based designs have become seen as a solid alternative to many other ways of website creation. The innovative functionality, ease of use and modern design approaches make the new HTML templates from MotoCMS creators one of the most solid solutions for website development and management available today.

MotoCMS has always been a company focused on finding new ways to improve the overall experience for their users. And the proof is their recent update 1.1 of the HTML control panel. That was a major release which delivered improved functionality by adding some advanced widgets to the system.

Since the new MotoCMS product definitely deserves to be intently considered, we couldn’t but share this good news regarding the new version of the astounding Moto CMS HTML with you.

Let’s take a deeper look at the major improvements that have been made in the Version 1.1:

The Carousel Gallery widget has been added.

This widget allows you to tune up your website with a cool carousel gallery that delivers a continuous circular navigation through the images and provides an easy, intuitive mechanism for your website users to discover and navigate the content.

The Carousel Gallery widget can boast the following functionality…

  • Delivers sliding carousel effect for image content;
  • You can link any image of your website to internal/external pages and pop-ups/lightboxes;
  • It is possible to set buttons for carousel gallery;
  • You can set the image style, image hover style and controls for the gallery.


The Sliding Gallery widget has been added.

There is an opportunity to equip your MotoCMS HTML website with a sliding gallery for greater visual experience. It will take care of showing images to your website visitors in a convenient way.

Here are the options available for the gallery:

  • The gallery can be navigated with either a mouse or arrow buttons;
  • Can be displayed horizontally or vertically;
  • It is possible to open an image from a lightbox or right from the website’s background;
  • You can set the thumbnail style, thumbnail hover style and mouse move settings for your gallery;
  • You can switch on the thumbnail enlarging effect, which works when hovering over the thumbnail.

The PayPal Button widget has been added.

It has become possible for MotoCMS HTML website owners to add the PayPal buttons to their websites. The new PayPal Button widget is easily editable via the intuitive control panel. There is an ability to set an e-mail address to receive payment, the item name and ID, choose the currency, set the contribution amount settings as well as customize type, mode and text for the “Buy Now” button.

When a visitor clicks on the “Buy Now” button, he goes directly to the PayPal page.

Mobile Editor has been added to the HTML control panel.

MotoCMS now delivers better functionality to its HTML version by embedding the advanced Mobile Editor into the control panel. Now it has become possible for the owners of MotoCMS HTML templates to customize a mobile version for their websites and provide the best web experience to mobile users.

Each MotoCMS HTML5 template contains already embedded mobile version of the website that can be either edited or entirely re-designed by the template’s owner. When you switch to Mobile Editor for the first time, you will be advised to choose whether you would like to create a mobile version from a blank template or from your current website. Moreover, the customer can always change his choice within the control panel: Preferences - Reset Mobile Website.


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The Version 1.1 is free to upgrade for the existing users; it also goes for free with all the templates from the MotoCMS HTML5 collection. If you are a user of the prior version of the System, please consider upgrading: you will be suggested to install the latest updates when you open your control panel.

We highly appreciate your feedback and offers as to our products’ functionality. Please leave your thoughts and ideas in comments.