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What’s New? MotoCMS HTML Keeps Surprising…

There is no secret that thousands of users favor MotoCMS software for its functionality, ease of use and non-standard solutions for website development and management. After the release of the new control panel for HTML along with the widest collection of complete designs, it has become obvious that we have got something new, really useful and absolutely different from the solutions around.

MotoCMS HTML is the backbone of a full-service system that supports businesses with strategy, design, development and ongoing website management.

MotoCMS HTML is unapologetically a Content Management System. That means the platform allows total customization of design and functionality. Being more than just a "visual website builder", MotoCMS HTML ensures that only qualified designers can change significant visual elements. MotoCMS managed to achieve the functionality when the most complicated tasks can be delegated throughout a team of professional designers and developers, so that the users can easily publish anything without worrying about how things will look and work. The CMS includes all the essentials expected for modern websites, but it also offers advanced, industry-specific functionality that can be activated by a CMS user in a couple of clicks.

MotoCMS is a dynamic company - many improvements have been made within the system since our latest review on Template Monster Blog. Many great websites have been created by our customers with MotoCMS HTML templates... So, we decided to give ourselves a treat and review the tastiest features, describe the latest updates of the system as well as tell you a bit about the company’s plans on the MotoCMS HTML’s next updates. Also, we will show you some good-looking websites customized by our users, and will also share a couple of precious feedbacks left by our customers for MotoCMS HTML.

Before reading more, you should watch the video below to get a quick feel for MotoCMS HTML and how it works:

To sum up all aforesaid in the video, the most attractive features and things you can do with MotoCMS HTML are...

  • Drag & drop website builder. Modify the design and content right in your browser by dragging and dropping elements. As easy as arrange icons on your desktop.
  • Richest collection of widgets. Create any kind of a website menu, a video gallery or a web form; integrate Google Maps or add social sharing buttons in one click.
  • Embedded mobile version. Each template from the MotoCMS HTML collection has a mobile version which can be customized according to your website needs.
  • SEO Tools and Deep Linking. Optimize your website for search engines easily; advanced SEO techniques are available.
  • Password - protected pages. Protect your website pages and pop-ups with a password.
  • Free lifetime updates. MotoCMS grants free lifetime updates to all the users without the necessity of downloading extra software and without additional charges.

Some Best Designs Powered by MotoCMS HTML

The best way to get a feel for the system is to see complete websites developed on the system based templates. Let’s look at some good-looking designs...

1. MyRouge

View Original Template

2. Magnia Bene

View Original Template

3. Co2Blast Ltd.

View Original Template

4. Charles Neal

View Original Template

5. Fat Tortillas

View Original Template

6. Swoffer Racing

View Original Template

7. American Eagle

View Original Template

8. Yorkshire Children

View Original Template

9. Perfetto Traveler

View Original Template

10. Vantage Motor

View Original Template

What’s New in the Latest Updates?

With two latest minor releases of the system, some useful changes have been made within the HTML control panel, and also some really good achievements made. Let’s see what exactly the developers have prepared for us.

The biggest thing recently happened was the release of Facebook HTML CMS Templates which are complete functional websites for Facebook (810 px wide) with MotoCMS HTML inside.

Talking about minor changes, the releases 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 also brought us the following improvements:

  • The "background" option has been activated for the sliding gallery. When the option is active, the 1st image opens after the website is loaded.
  • The pagination in the lightbox has been improved.
  • The option "Highlight on Target Page", which allows users to create menus from buttons, has been added.
  • The option “Animate Image” has been added to the slider. When the option is active, the image becomes zoomable and movable.
  • Many IE fonts have been improved within the system.
  • The control panel has become fully multilingual (including the right panel with properties).

MotoCMS team has big plans as to new functionality to be added to the system. As it has been known from MotoCMS developers, the nearest plans include the E-commerce widget and more creative galleries are to be added to the control panel shortly. So, keep following the news to see what next release will bring us.

If you are a MotoCMS HTML user and already had time to evaluate the new CMS HTML functionality, we would highly appreciate if you answered some short questions of a new survey. That is very important, because your feedbacks really help MotoCMS make their products better! Thank you in advance for taking part in the survey!


Yorkshire Children's Trust

"We have been looking for a custom design solution for our charity website for some time and we were very interested to stumble across MotoCMS.

We have tried a myriad of CMS options over the last few years, including popular choices such as WordPress and Joomla. However we have found MotoCMS to be the easiest to customize to our needs and any member of the team can edit information on the site through the easy to use software.

MotoCMS talked with us to find the best template to fit our needs and very kindly donated it to the charity, this enables the charity to put funds where they are needed most, helping the families with sick and disabled children.

I highly recommend MotoCMS to both novice and seasoned web design users, simply for its elegant and easy to use interface.

Finally a big thank you to MotoCMS for supporting Yorkshire Children's Trust.

Roland Grosch

"MotoCMS HTML rocks! Everything is obvious and easy to use. Thank you for your great help!"

Ben Cruiming

"We did already several Moto HTML sites and going to buy more templates."

Stephen West

"The hardest part I found was choosing from the wide selection of templates but this is up and running perfectly now and I have a website that looks like I paid a developer to style.Again - Thanks to the whole team for their help."