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The Advantage of Unifying Industrial Partners Program with Magento

Magento knows what attracts online buyers. It always seeks to create a unified and end-to end online shopping experience for all the customers. It is important to think beyond the typical marketing set up and contemplate on what happens after the customer completes an online transaction.

Shipping, delivery and tracking is an important aspect behind a successful eCommerce transaction. These three components help an eCommerce business stand out from the competition.

To make all eCommerce transactions more successful, Magento invites technology conglomerates to their industry partner program. The major partners of Magento are aheadWorks, Canada Post, and shipstation. Reading this blog post will help you to know what these industrial partners have to offer to the Magento merchants.

AheadWorks - the platinum industrial partner:


AheadWorks is one of the active industrial partners and promise to serve the Magento merchants with continual releases of easy-to-use modules for Magento community. AheadWorks have an indefinite number of Magento extensions to offer which can be installed on highly customized stores. These extensions are compatible with the latest Magento versions.

What are the Magento extensions aheadWorks offers to integrate into your eCommerce store?

Follow Up Email


Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Featured Products 3:

With Featured Products 3 Magento extension, you can draw the customer’s attention to the best and profitable products in your eCommerce web store, thereby increasing the revenue.

Advanced Newsletter

Checkout Promo

Canada Posts - for new shipping and delivery extensions:


Magento’s partnership with Canada post has also provided flexibility when it is a matter of shipping, delivery, tracking or returns for the online shoppers. By endowing the online shoppers with more transparency and control over decision related to these primary arenas, you can enhance long term customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Canada Post’s integration with Magento platform enriches the Canadian customer’s online shopping experience. This means that from the first click to the final shipping, your customers will never leave your eCommerce store. This company has the customer–friendly delivery solutions, involving unswerving service to every address in Canada.

What are the Magento extensions Canada Posts offers to integrate into your eCommerce store?

Demac Media Canada Post Integration
Demac Media Canada Post Integration not only offers custom and public rating services, but also supports the entire shipping flow. It completely supports integration with Google maps or multi-shipping integration.

Features of Demac Media Canada Posts Integration:

  • It tracks on-site shipment
  • It creates, print and manage Shipping Manifests.
  • It creates and prints Shipping Labels.
  • It supports delivery to Canada post office.

Collins Harper Canada Post Shipping Module 2.0
Collins Harper Canada Post 2.0 Shipping Module is one of the effective shipping solutions for the Magento stores. It provides a reorganised shipping solution for the Magento dealers.

Features of Collins Harper Canada Post Shipping Module 2.0:

  • It creates shipment with Canada Post.
  • It creates and prints Manifests.
  • It prints Shipping labels.
  • It allows the customers to choose advanced delivery options.
  • It is entirely bilingual

It auto generates and print custom documents for International shipments.

ShipStation - the silver industrial partner:


As a silver partner, ShipStation brings value to the Magento community. It is a web-based shipping application which helps the Magento merchants who ship through numerous sales channels, process and distribute their orders with efficiency. With collaborative relationship, nowadays, the online retailers can easily manage their shipping and fulfilment process. With its rich and robust feature set ShipStation is ideal for any business size with unlimited number of users and locations.

What are the Magento extensions that Ship Station offers to integrate into your eCommerce store?

Shipstation provides free extensions to the Magento merchants. The ShipStation extensions help you to download orders on a real-time basis. It also allows you to create UPS, FedEx shipping labels and packing slips and interconnect tracking information to the customers.

Features of ShipStation extensions:

  • It amalgamates orders from several channels.
  • It does not require any software to install.
  • It prints shipping labels and packing slips in batch.

These three major industrial partners no doubt have significantly revolutionized the eCommerce sector.