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Online Store – Simple Business Online [A-to-Z Guide]

"How to make money online" google trend shows the search interest of this phrase. In August 2012, it reached it’s peak. And looks like people still can’t figure out how to make money online.

If you check your Spam box you’ll still find dozens of offers to make millions of $ online taking part in various click-to-earn, MLM, online lotteries with multi-million jackpots, internet investments, HYIPs and other sham, here you can find a full list.

Others think that it’s not possible to make money online, and people who make millions online are probably from Andromeda galaxy.

Lots of people ignore the fact of making an online store, even though (in most cases) your expenses will not exceed $500, and the new shop will pay off in a couple of months, when ran wisely. This type of business is really close to an offline store though it requires less expenses and in most cases there is no need to buy products in bulk, you can make an arrangement with suppliers and don’t burden yourself with tons of products.

So let’s have a look how one can make and run online store from his living room.

If you create website on your own, on the early stages, you’ll have to learn lots of stuff like: how to use keywords, how to promote, how to make design beautiful and much much more ... To figure out this stuff and learn how to use it an average person needs somewhere two months of work. Another thing is the info - since today every but the lazy become “trustworthy contributors” you need to filter that flow of info. As a result since the first day your store went online till the first purchase 3 or more months may pass.

Personal store

The aim of this blog post is to show you how easy it is to create online store comparing to other legal ways to earn money online.

We could find only two cons:

  • There will be no instant earnings.
  • You’ll have to invest into your future shop.

There is nothing to be afraid of, every startup needs to be “fed with money” in order to bring rich harvest in future.

  • This type of business is really close to the reality.
  • There is no need to invest much money, $500-800 is enough for a store you’re going to run from your sofa.
  • With the raise of your store you can hire manager and he will do stuff for you.
  • You can spend just a couple of hours a day working.

How to choose your niche?

  1. You must not sell thing you’re not good at. If you’re girl should you sell auto parts? Yes, if you’ve spent your youth in garage disassembling muscle cars.
  2. Sell stuff that is of interest for you. Even if you lose interest to the products you’ve chosen you can always sell your store and start something else.
  3. Next thing is the relevance, but we’ll talk about it a bit later.
  4. What’s more you can sell DIY things.

Make lists

Take a piece of paper and white down in a column types of products you can sell in your city. The ideas are really simple to look for just look around... Write down those options in a column, making a choice. When your list includes 30-50 items you can start excluding those items.

Now it’s time for brainstorming, you can the relevance of this or that product using the google trends tool, it will show whether or not a specific product is needed in your area.

Find supplier(s)

After you’ve chosen the products you will sell time to look for suppliers. What to do if you don’t have enough money to buy one instance of every product from your catalogue? In this case you need to find a product that you can take in a one piece, but at a wholesale price. Out ten suppliers one will definitely agree for such an offer.

But where to get those suppliers?

  • product manufacturers;
  • websites working with China suppliers;
  • local manufacturers;
  • wholesale stores;

Time to make a store: technical issues

The way your store will look will depend on how much money you are ready to pay for it.

  • Order a store. This option is the easiest since all design and content management work will be made for you. It is very important that you have explained every point of future work with the store.
  • Create a store using platform like it offers free trial, lated you can switch to a payed data plan.
  • Create a store using a free or premium eCommerce template.
  • Make a store in Facebook. Beautiful pictures is all you need for a start. Create and manage those albums.

Advertising here is incredibly simple. You only need to write in a post for everyone to see it, I mean your freinds of course.

Promote your store

Social network page can be used as supplementation to already existing store or as a primary one. In first case it will work as additional advertising bringing traffic to your website.

In both cases the principle of reaching targeted customers would be similar:

  • Create products;
  • Make an adequate description;
  • Add prices;
  • Find followers. Don’t friend MEN if you sell women clothes;
  • Keep in mind the region, if you’re in Boston, don’t bother people from Alaska.

Create some luring offers. Several times a week you can create some special offers, engage your followers via gamification. That will work as your free ads, also if it Facebook you’re working with, you can pay for promotion of your posts.

AdWords. Paid ads seem to work no more since every fifth user has an AdBlock in the browser. Use this type wisely because before you’ve spent hundreds of dollars for ads you need to test how it works for your store, and of course choose your keywords wisely.

Actually if you’re using only the paid ads you’ll lose lots of customers, when a client reaches your website he can delay the purchase and then forget about you at all. So you need to make a form to collect emails of your possible clients, and then send them a newsletter. If your newsletter is non-intrusive and interesting they will not forget about you and will definitely come back.

If you try hard, you will create your own online store from a scratch. Good luck!

SPEAK UP! Now it’s your turn, if you’ve started a shop from a scratch feel free to describe your experience.