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5 Secrets High Growth Sites Use to Unlock Hidden Profit in Customers

This is an inside story of how MaxCDN and other high growth business grow their business over 300% annually. After reading this post you will have 5 clear insights from a master growth hacker how you can take to your business to the next level.

In this blog post David lays out his master plan for growth. Cheat below:

  • You exist for your customer;
  • Build a community and make money;
  • Test and leverage what’s already out their.

5 secrets rules of high growth sites 01

I want to come out clean.

Three years ago when I started one of our first clients was and today we are a very sucessfull business with 300% annual growth. How did we do it? 5 hard earned golden rules of high growth sites:

1. Know Your Customer Better Than Your Mother

Know your customers so well, that you can practically finish their sentences. If you know what they need before they do, this allows you to be proactive. Maintain constant conversations and survey them to get to this point.

I would randomly call clients, but nowadays I use onsite surveys for everything as my hidden camera into their lives.

5 secrets rules of high growth sites 02
2. People Don’t Read

In case you didn’t read it, “PEOPLE DON’T READ”. You have to grab people’s eyes and drive them to what’s important.

Catch their attention in a couple words to get them to do what you want them to do. Run different announcements constantly on different parts of your site to see what drives your audience. Keep your content fresh.

If marketing copy sucks, wash and repeat.

3. Don’t Be A Loner. Collect Emails

As you look at the sea of blahhh that is social media and check your inbox religiously, realize emails are king.

Optimize your signup flow for email collection. Offer white papers, free trials, cool free side products, whatever it takes to get an email. Provide awesome content and deals and sales will follow.

4. Cash Rules Everything Around You

Money creates a perception of value and discounts provide that needed boost for cheap mofos to buy. Only offer discounts to those that don’t normally buy (email, direct tweet, exit popup, whatever it takes).

5. Smartest guy in the room still doesn’t know jack...A/B Test all day every day

No one knows anything.

Seriously, everything is changing so fast and so quick that even if you’re the expert in something it may soon become outdated. If you’re small, site talk to random people on the street to make sure you’re only partially delusional.

5 secrets rules of high growth sites 03

6. Bonus: A carpenter is only good as his tools

All the points I raised are around quick and fast action. In whatever line of business you need to have great tools to do this. Below are a few of my favorite tools to accomplish the points I raised. Amazing new marketing widget that allows you to do Surveys, Announcements, Email collection, and Discount widgets on web pages. For MaxCDN we use them allot for points 1-4.

Optimizely: Best tool for A/B testing in my experience and great for non technical members of the team. Best way to see what people think. Great for figuring out customers and general usability.


If you ever need any advice or help in anyway always feel free to reach me at dhenzel [at]