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Free PNG & SVG Halloween Icons. Special Gift for Our Readers from Freepik

Is there anybody who doesn’t know Freepik? It takes away you from that dreadful routine of searching for free vector art, illustrations, icons, PSD files, photos all around the web. If you’re looking for something to rock your designs, this is the right spot to hit. Today I invite you to come in for definitely something you don’t get to see everyday, and it’s free PNG & SVG Halloween icons by Freepik designers launched here specially for you, blog readers.

Why Halloween? There's a good proverb - repair your cart in December, in July your sledge remember. Keeping it in mind, you will never forget about forthcoming dates and prepare everything beforehand. Before you can say Halloween, it will come, so today is the right time to start thinking about your holiday projects or something of this kind. At least, you can put this archive in your designer’s chest and use whenever you need.

This set of hand drawn icons is created by Freepik designers, feature linear configuration and is specific for Halloween projects needs. As appealing as it might seem, any icon from this pack will make your designs as appealing as it is possible. If you’re not sure what type of design you’re going to create for Halloween, just download this archive to have it in store. And if you’re working on something now, drop by and tell us how these icons complement to the look of your designs when you finish.

Find them inspiring? Check them out!