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Need an Adobe FormsCentral Alternative? JotForm Delivers

Pulling your hair out looking for an Adobe FormsCentral replacement? When Adobe announced they were retiring their FormsCentral product, we knew there’d be some unhappy campers without a form home.

After all, FormsCentral was a popular form builder and genuinely liked by Adobe users everywhere. Plus web forms, by their very nature, are often the lifeblood of any business looking to generate leads, customer feedback, or general comment inquires.

Finding a suitable replacement is a delicate process, with a lot of variables to consider. Will all previous forms and data transfer over without hassle? Are you going to get trapped into paying more money? What about ease of use?

Well, we’ve found just the one: JotForm. Especially as it pertains to design, there’s no question that they are the best option option for replacing FormsCentral. But there’s some other key areas where it’s superior as well.

Design - they get it. Like no other form builder on the market today, JotForm understands the importance of great design. Their new Form Designer is proof of just that. It allows designers (or anyone, really) to create custom form themes in a fraction of the time it would have taken them using standard CSS. Customization options are point-and-click, and beautifully designed form themes come to life in just minutes. Perfect as standalone forms, or to match your site’s distinct look and feel. Power tip- get your site design template from TemplateMonster, and then use JotForm’s Form Designer to match its look and feel.

Free with no crippleware. Some companies don’t let you access the full spectrum of their products unless you pay, or even worse, don’t offer anything free at all. Not the case with JotForm. You get the full power of JotForm for free as long as you’re receiving less than 100 submissions per month. Not too shabby.

Unparalleled ease of use. They aren’t nicknamed the “easiest form builder” for nothing. JotForm’s been on the forefront of easy since launching their drag-and-drop form builder in 2006. Users can build their own form or choose from over 7,500 ready-made templates for just about every type of business under the sun.

The best migration capability. Having a running list of great features doesn’t mean anything if you lose everything you built with Adobe FormsCentral in the migration process. It’s almost criminal how easy it is switching over to JotForm from FormsCentral. All you need is your Adobe login and a few moments to spare while JotForm automatically imports all existing forms AND data.

Adobe users have until July 28th before FormsCentral officially retires, but for many, the transition has already started. In fact, JotForm has already imported over 10,000 Adobe FormsCentral forms. Now you know why.

For a more complete list of reasons why JotForm is an ideal alternative to FormsCentral, check out the JotForm blog.

Are you a JotForm or FormsCentral user? Tell us about your experience in the comments!