Guess Who… Get to Know How Romantic You Are with a St. Valentine’s Fonts Quiz

Here you will find a collection of charming St. Valentine’s fonts. But today they are presented in the unusual manner. You are offered to pass a quiz and match song quotes (mostly rock ones), written with different fonts, and singers they belong to. Don’t want to bother? Not a problem, just have a look at the lovable fonts and click their numbers to proceed to the download page.

30 Slab Serif Fonts for Bright Headlines [Free for Download]

Slab serif fonts are quite stylish and attractive and are versatile enough to be used in many different contexts. They’re also currently very popular among web designers everywhere. Have a look at a compilation of free slab fonts we’ve prepared for you.

Helvetica. Where Did it Come From? And What to Use Instead? [Free Fonts Included]

In the world of fonts there its own king called Helvetica. If it was a human monarch that would be the oldest ruler ever. But as always, each period of reign comes to an end, and there appear self-promoted challengers to the royal throne. So today we’d like to tell you the story of Helvetica and show you the ‘faces’ of the challengers to take its place on the web.